How to get rid of lice , nits and dandruff .



Oh my Gosh! LICE! It is probably the worst thing that can happen to a girl , even worse for a boy! The humiliation when someone sees a lice walking down a strand of your hair , the itchy scalp , the frustration literally makes having lice a very horrible experience. Now though I am ashamed to say this , but I have had lice in my hair for a VERY long time . When I was young , I really didn’t consider it to be a very big problem . I hated it when my mum would make me sit down for hours as she searched through my hair for these buggers ! It used to hurt when she used to pull out nits from my hair . I hated it ! But when I grew up I had to learn it in the hard way that lice is a much horrible problem than I used to consider it to be .

I started researching for a remedy to this problem . The very first thing I tried was a simple very long shower . I damped my hair with water and then rubbed shampoo onto my scalp and hair . When my hair was foamy enough , I took a brush and started running it through my hair to get rid of tangles . I then used a Chinese comb and combed through my hair , washing the comb after every brush. It actually proved to be extremely effective . I could see the lice floating on the water . I was ecstatic with the results . I did this for 2 days consecutive , spending an hour in the shower . By the second day most of my lice were gone! What I didn’t realize is that the lice wasn’t even 20% of the infestation . I ignored the nits and within the next 2 days , my hair began to itch again and I also started getting scars on my head . I also realized that I started having dandruff .

I read in a blog that mayonnaise helps get rid of lice and dandruff. Someone even commented on the blog regarding the effectiveness of this method .

'A few years ago, I unfortunately got lice. I tried all the products that the local drug stores had to offer and found that nothing worked. Afraid of killing more brain cells than lice, I refrained from using any more toxic chemicals on my hair and resorted to mayonnaise. It is a safe way to kill lice, and it works! Massage mayonnaise into your hair and cover it with a shower cap before you go to sleep. Wash it out in the morning and use a fine comb to comb out any dead eggs. If needed, repeat 7-10 days later.

So , I tried this mayonnaise method. I put a huge amount of mayonnaise in my hair , wore a shower cap and went to sleep . The next morning , regardless of the shower cap , my pillow were permanently stained with mayonnaise . After I washed my hair and combed it out , all the lice were alive . It was a very ineffective method .

Okay , enough of keeping you wondering , let’s cut to the slack . There is no remedy that will help you get rid of these buggers immediately after application . But there is a very fast remedy . It is through the use of



2. Listerine


3. Vinegar and lemon juice


Yes alot of very harsh elements but trust me the results are outstanding. I have a very bad case of hair fall but the application didn’t make it worse. The first week I crushed two balls of naphthalene into a very small bowl filled with hair oil . I used a mixture of
1. parachute coconut oil


2 . and a herbal oil


I bought from the departmental store. I mixed the naphthalene very well making sure there weren’t any clumps left . I then started parting my hair into various section and applying the oil onto the exposed scalp of the partition . Afterwards I took different strands and rubbed both my palms onto those sections with oil. Finally I took the tip of my fingers and messaged the tips onto my scalp with the remaining oil . I kept it on for half an hour and then I washed it off with alot of shampoo and then conditioned it afterwards. I rinsed my hair off well . I then took a brush and got rid of my tangles , took a Chinese comb and brushed through my hair. Those dead buggers started pouring down like rain . I did this two times , three days apart. When I was satisfied I took Listerine mouth wash onto a spray bottle and sprayed my scalp and my hair with it . I kept it on for an hour and then again washed it well with loads of shampoo . The result was unbelievably good. I got rid of most of my lice and nits ! Finally the next day , I mixed equal amount of vinegar and water and squeezed 1\4th of a lemon onto the mixture and applied it to my hair , kept it on for an hour and washed it off. I had an absolute beautiful result , leaving my hair soft and nit and dandruff free!

P.S I went to the saloon and got an oil message with protein pack and then ozone . The ozone is used to get rid of dandruff and nits. It helped get rid of all of my dandruff and nits on my scalp. But my hair is long and the ozone crushed the dandruffs down to the hair that didn’t touch the scalp and those stayed there . This is why I used vinegar and mouthwash to get rid of those.

Side note : One of my friend had a much worse case of lice infestation. There were nits on every single strand of her hair. Her hair was , I don’t know what to call it , grazing ? with lice 24\7. She got rid of these by shampooing every single day for at least 15 minutes . Afterwards she went to the saloon and did the same treatment I did once a month. It is a very long process but it did get rid of her lice , nits and dandruff.

How to wash the hair : Put a huge amount of shampoo onto your hair and scrub until it’s foamy. Then scrub further for atleast a minute. Squeeze the foam from the top of your hair down to the hair strands and then to the floor. Scrub the hair again and then squeeze them out again. Keep repeating this until the foaminess becomes light. Wash your hair well and then condition it . This is a very harsh way of cleaning the hair. Usually , hair should be cleaned very softly and with care but in this case , by cleaning your hair like this , it will help get rid of the excess dirt and kill these buggers .

This is a chinese comb


The creamiest mashed potato of em all

Let me just begin by saying , I am a die hard fan of potatoes . I feel like potatoes taste absolutely heavenly nevertheless the way they are cooked . Amongst the millions of things potatoes can be cooked into , mashed potatoes and french fries are my most favorite!

Now , there are various recipes all over the Internet on how to prepare the best mashed potatoes . I have done my research and with a little bit of my mum’s help , I have come up with a brilliant recipe for a very creamy and extremely delicious mashed potato !


1. 1\8 slice of Butter
2. Salt
3. Black Pepper 
4. 1 Cup Milk 
5. 2 tblsp Cream
6. Parmasan cheese ( Optional . Haven't tried it yet )
3. 3-4 Potatoes  


1. Grinder 
2. Non-stick Fry Pan
3. Spatula 
4. Mug
5. Bowl


2-3 people

Method :
fill a bow with water and put it on the stove for boiling . Then take about 3-4 medium sized potatoes and put them in the boiling water and let them sit there for about 30 minutes or until they are soft. You can check the softness of the potatoes by taking a fork and very lightly pushing it into the potato . if the fork easily slips in then the potatoes are ready , if not then let them sit there for a while longer . Once the potatoes are done cooking , take them out and put them in another bowl . turn on cold tap water and start rubbing your thumb finger roughly onto the skin of the potatoes . the hot skin of the potatoes , once in contact with cold water would expand and easily slip off ( friction might be due to the potatoes not being cooked well enough ) . the reason why i don’t peel the potato before putting it in hot boiling water is because peeled potatoes in contact with water do cook fast , but often turn out to be too lumpy and some of it’s mouth watering taste is, at times, washed away .

Turn on the grinder and start roughly mashing the potatoes up by squeezing small portions of the potatoes in between your palm and then into the grinder . pour about 1\4 cup of milk into the grinder . slowly start grinding the potatoes , and adding more when you get a creamy CONSISTENCY in the grinder. the reason why i use a grinder is because it almost never leaves lumps in the creamy mixture ! afterwards add about 1 tsp of salt and black pepper and 1 tbls of cream into the mixture and start grinding it one more time. taste the mixture and add  more salt or pepper if required .

once the potatoes are ready , you will now have to make white sauce . get a non stick fry pan and put it on the stove in medium heat . cut a 1\8 portion of a butter stick and put it on the fry pan . let the butter melt  . add 1 tbsp of flour into the molten butter and mix the two INGREDIENTS together into a liquid mixture . add the remaining milk into the mixture and stir until the sauce is thick. add 1 tbsp of cream ( you can add parmasan cheese as well ) . add 1 tbsp of black pepper and 1 tbls of salt and stir well . now slowly start adding the potato mixture into the fry pan and stir well until the sauce is completely soaked into the potato mixture. the mixture should be soft and runny and once you get that consistency , you will have a very creamy and delicious mashed potato .


I will try to take a picture next time i make it .
Please do try it and give me feedbacks! 

Introducing Myself

I was sitting in my classroom talking to my friends when one of my friend from Cambodia started telling me how she was going to start up a blog . Now , living in a third world country ( Bangladesh ) , I have not seen or heard of much bloggers . However , I found the idea of starting up a blog very interesting . A few seconds later , I found myself all hyped up , excited to go home , sit on my computer and find a website to start up my very first blog. I had millions of ideas rushing through my mind and I couldn’t really select one topic to write on . Therefore , I chose to write about everything .

I have done my research on many things and I was looking for a place where I could share all my knowledge , ideas and advices . This seemed like a perfect place to do so . This is my very first post and my mind is literally exploding with ideas about my next post . But I chose my very first post as an introductory one .

My name is Fariha Farhana Ahmed and I live in Bangladesh . I have two other loving sisters , with me being the second one . My mother is a teacher in a school named Sunnydale . My father is a business man dealing with fish feed . He also has a shrimp hatchery and a fiber glass factory .

I am a girl who loves to play video games , loves to dress u<p, loves to experiment with new things and above all loves to just Love ! I really don’t know what else to say about myself . I feel like this sums up everything about me . I hope you guys would enjoy reading my posts